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My gf and i are in a LDR, going for 4months now..we started off seein one another just thurs evening til fri afternoon each week...over Xmas we were both off college and were able to visit for 2-3days at a time...Were now gettin bak to college...


Anyway..my gf asked to have a talk..she expressed how she loves me and how great she feels when were together..but during the week wen were apart she finds herself disconnected from me, almost like she hasnt got a bf...She gets pissed off at little things at home,and feels fed up wen were away from each other..I experience this a little too...

We txt and talk on the fone every day...She asked to take a break (she was in tears), so i said yeah,but that i didnt want to,but if its what she wants then il be happy to do it....i was heartbroken wen she suggested this...She said that she needs to focus a bit,clear her head and miss me to see how strong she feels etc...I can indeed see the logic of this but miss her to bits (just talking to her on the fone even)...


Never had anythin like this happen before..Any tips/advice ??


How should i/we handle this?


Thanks so much..



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Atmosphere, I can tell you from expierence that giving her the time that she needs is vital. As hard as it is right now to leave her alone and let her think things through, you need to do it as to not push her any further awaythan she may be right now.


I was with my ex for a year and she lived 2hrs away. Not that far but far enough. We saw eachother every weekend and worked very hard at our relationship and it was great for a long time. She then told me what your girlfriend said to you that she just isn't sure. In retrospect I wish I would have let her see how much she missed me but I didn't and I pushed her away. Do I regret it? Sometimes, but I'm a better person to have lived and learned from it. Hopefully you can take my advice and it works out for you. Good luck and stay strong.

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thanks kevma...


Yeah,i can see that she needs space and needs to feel what it is to miss me again..i guess missing the other person will make me/her want to keep at it...we'll c...


good to hear from you..advice is much appreciated..


P.S...Me and my gf are 2hrs away too,not so far but we both work weekends and are in university so thursdays and fridays are pretty much the only time were together


thanks again lad..

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Yeah...2 hours isnt that much, thing is we both in diff unis mon-fri and both have to work the weekends..so all we see each other is once a week...


She said that a big part of the way shes feelin is because shes bak to college today and has assignments to do this week..a lot of work and she said shes pretty stressed..


Thanks so much for the comments lads...


Nice one..

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Hey..so were still on this break...


My gf called me up last nite...She explained how shes still really confused about everything...the main thing thats affecting her is the distance...were in college the next 3-4months now (we'll see each other once a week) and shes afraid of how hard itl be...i expressed to her how we can make it work and im willing to do all it takes...i talked about the summer and how i wanna be with her for the summer,like im hoping to go down there for it and work..then i said we can take it from there..


She seemed to have taken that in..we ended the call by saying i love you and that i said take all the time you need...


Im wondering if i shud call her because im not sure a break is what she needs?

Im thinking that shes really confused etc, would it be better if i was there and we could talk about things?The main problem in the LDR is how crappy she and i feel sometimes wen were apart...I told her last nite on the phone that we shudnt quit this if it gets hard, and i wanna talk to her about how we can fix or work on this problem...


Any advice?



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A break won't help things.


Saying "lets be single for a bit" will not make things better. The situation is still there. Sounds like she likes you a bit, she just doesn't want to only be able to see someone once a week.


Personally I would completely jump at being able to see my girlfriend so much! That would be incredible.


I can tell you if you both really loved each other it would be a breeze. That's all I can hint out.


I do understand though. I used to have a gf I saw once a week when i was 15. Back then it seemed like a problem... now not so much


Good luck mate

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