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Hello everyone out there, I'd really appreciate some advice!


I'm going to see my ex tomorrow in a class. The classes will be small, and we won't be able to avoid seeing each other. I've been N/C since New Years Eve, when we had a brief txt-message discussion about my getting my things from his place. He said I could pick them up "later in the week" and that was his last response. I haven't called emailed or texted him- been trying to heal and move on. I've also been trying to get stronger and feel better about myself, and am seeing a really nice new guy- nothing serious, because we're both going through a break up right now.


The thing is, I'm terrified of seeing my ex tomorrow! I'm so afraid I will cry or lose it or something embarrassing. I have tried everything in my power to forget him, not think of him, not love him anymore, and I just don't know how to erase this man from my mind and memories! It's killing me... every day is a little less hard, but it's still a daily agony.... I don't want him to know how much I still feel for him!


So, what I'm going to try and do is look gorgeous and seem confident. I'm going to try and look as fabulous as possible, and put on a confident smile to cover my pain. But how should I act with him- should I ignore him? Should I talk to him? Should I give him the same grin I'd give anyone else in the classroom that I didn't know?


I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts, advice & experience with this. Thank you.

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Yes, look gorgeous and confident. Not for him but for YOU!


Oooh, I hadn't thought of that, thank you! Its been so long since I've felt like anything but down on myself, I hadn't thought to try and make an effort to feel good, too.


This guy has really put me through the ringer- we always end up back together, but I'm trying to stay strong this time.

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I can relate, trust me!


It's on/off all the time with my guy and currently, it's on. You should try a new hair style or new clothes. It always works in catching their attention


Funny, that's exactly what I did! I did my hair all up and put on a dress the last two times I saw him- I never wear dresses. I was light and didn't really bother him, but he went out of his way to talk to me. The second time, we had a great conversation.


But this time it's different, he has a new girl. I'm trying to stay away and give him space to be in a new relationship... My heart thinks we'll eventually get back together in time, but I need my brain to take over and tell me I'm wrong. It's so confusing. Just the sight of him makes me swoon...


Oh well. thanks again

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