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What do you think of...


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... a complete stranger approaching you to compliment your eyes, hair, outfit, etc.?


I am not speaking here of approaching someone in order to ask for a date or phone number, but quite simply of telling a girl she is beautiful for the sheer pleasure of it.

I live in a university setting and on a daily basis a girl catches my attention because she has gorgeous eyes, face, hair... I know I should be satisfied with the pleasure of having noticed it but a part of me wants to go further and actually mention it to her. I have done it a couple times but am very reluctant to do it more often because I'm clearly of the shy type and am also terrified she would think I'm weird or feel offended I was looking at her.


So to rephrase this, ladies, how do you feel if someone were to tell you you have beautiful eyes (which is the feature that most often catches my attention in girls)?

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That's good to know I'm not alone For guys, if you want to participate feel free to share your experiences!


PS: haha Ghost how many times a day do you change your profile pic?


when i find new pics. hehe.



i tell girls all the time they are pretty or have amazing eyes if i honestly think so. i usually try for their number though after.

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Since you are the shy type it may come off as creepy if you just randomly say a girl is beautiful without her even having the slightest idea who you are. As a way of getting over your shyness rather that just saying how beautiful you think a girl is, why dont you introduce yourself and try to make a new friend, that will get you further than just randomly saying a girl is beautiful.

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Not a big fan of that from a stranger who is a man. It makes me feel too cautious/on guard and I am not a fan of strangers focusing on my looks. I wouldn't mind if a stranger overheard me deal with, let's say, a rude person and said "way to go!" but just on my looks- would make me more uncomfortable than comfortable.

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I like that. it happens occasionally, and keep me happy for the next 36 hours or so X D


and I also do the same for guys when I feel like. usually some comment on their clothes, not eyes (unless the moment comes when, while interacting, I get a chance to look into his eyes. usually a kiss follows that one, reason why it's not used often X p)

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Think I'd be flattered, but creeped out at the same time.

I'd wonder what his motive was and why he'd chosen me, from all the women on the high street. Or wonder if he was saying it to every woman, on the high street...lol

Would also stink of desperation, if a guy has to try 'that' hard...

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