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StepFathers are a...


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So here's my scenario.


My mom had been boyfriend bouncing since I was born, after having me a sixteen. Finally, when I was about thirteen, maybe fourteen, she decided to settle down. I was happy for her. We had a great relationship up until then.


Unfortunately, as time went on, the new man in my life everyone was deeming as my "father" turned out to be an idiot. He keeps losing his job and creating new scam businesses, drinks till annihilation every night and is horrible. He yells at me, throws things, throws my stuff out, breaks my stuff and calls me horrible names. My mother just sits there and watches, calling me either an "instigator" or "too sensitive."


My mother on the other hand, is an overworked woman who has a dream and forced it down my throat since I was little. She's been forcing me to study radiation therapy since I was eighteen, I am twenty now. She forced me into the field, telling me this was my only hope, the only thing I could do and that's what I believed.


Now, I'm interning in the field and I've squandered every penny I have on college which I'm not even close to done with yet! I realized I don't want to do this. I want to be a beautician, but my mother wont allow it.


Honestly, I need to leave. That's what I've come down to. I can't stand her forcing me to live her dreams and I can't stand my stepfather screaming at me for no reason and throwing things at me.


After blowing all my money on college, I don't see many opportunities to do what I must to be happy, unfortunately.


I'm not looking for pity or anything. I'm looking for some good advice and it'd be really appreciated. Thanks for listening.

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Do what you need to do. You're 20 years old, so you don't have to live under her roof if you don't want to. it's going to be hard living on your own, so you should save up some money first if possible. I would get a roomie too, it'll be cheaper. Are you working, or just going to school?

I would not want to live with that sorry stepfather either, or an unsupportive mother.

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I am working, but minimal hours just so I can pay my credit card I used to pay for school with unfortunately. My job is working as an intern in a radiation clinic, which I abhor.


If you hate it, then don't do it anymore. You're only 20, you have a lot of years left to live, you can't spend them working a job you hate.


What do you think will be the repercussions of telling your mom that you want to quit school and go to beauty school?

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If I were you I wouldn't let your mother push you into anything!! I dealt with a drunken stepfather and begged my Mom to leave his when I was a kid. I did not let her guide me at all growing up and I am doing awesome now. We now have a good relationship but I still don't really respect her as a person. I would go get a different job, you must already have some schooling under your belt so it shouldn't be too hard. Find a roommate and do everything on your own!! I hope this helps a little. It will be hard but well worth it!!

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You do what you need to do for you. In the end, you are the one that will have to make it out there on your own and that is kinda hard to do in a world where you despise your job. If you know that you want to be a beautician, then you go out there and be the best darned beautician that you can be.

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