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Does he like me?


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Hey everyone... just after some advice.


There's this guy i really like at work. We're both students, at different universities and met at our part-time job. At the staff christmas party he bought me a few drinks and we ended up dancing and kissing on the dancefloor at the end of the night. We were however under the influence of alcohol! The problem is, i'm his boss and two years older than him (i'm 22- he's 20) and I get the idea he's a bit shy around me. We talk a lot and have a lot in common and he's text me a few times to say merry christmas and how are you etc so isnt afraid to initiate contact.


After a lot of debating with my housemates (lol) i plucked up the courrage to ask him out as i have NEVER asked a boy out in my life!! I text him asking if he wanted to go for drinks before he goes back to uni and he replied saying I'd love to... so off we went. We chatted for a good 2 hours and I guessed he'd been drinking before i arrived as he seemed a lot more drunk than me and very confident! we went to meet up with some mutual friends and he started acting very coupley as the night progressed.. buying me drinks etc sitting close next to me, putting his hand on my lower back etc and we ended up kissing again.


Since then, Ive seen him at work once (his last shift before he went back to uni- although he'll be back again during the easter vacation) and he seemed his normal, quiet self. On leaving, he said bye and promptly left... bearing in mind that i wouldnt be seeing him for a while as he was going back to uni. I text him saying that i didnt want him to leave... and now i'd have to go on dates with dave (this saddo who we always laugh at)... and he text back to say that i wouldnt dare and how my hair looked nice today and how i should have it like that more often.


Im confused... he didnt seem at all bothered to be leaving/ not seeing me again. I thought he liked me but hasnt made any sort of effort to see me again...i text him later on asking what he was up to and how his packing was going and he didnt reply...


havent heard from him since then...


I feel like, i know he likes me but isnt doing anything about and its me making all the effort...


What's going on?!!

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