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Does this sound irresponsible to you?


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I am 24, currently in college, I have two semesters to go (hopefully graduating in December). I've always lived a pretty sheltered life, I've never been in trouble, always have behaved myself for the most part in school and have always been responsible. I also have never had a girlfriend, (am a virgin) and don't socialize easily. I have confidence in myself but in the girls/making friends department.


So I'm constantly stressed about my situation and have lately gotten into a frame of mind in which I want to take more risks; come out of my shell more, and try and enjoy life. One thing that I've been wanting to do the past several years is buy a motorcycle. I think I would have a lot of fun on a bike, and it seems like a great way to relieve stress and bring some excitement to my life. However, there of course is the problem of not having money to buy one. Now, I just got a brand new car 2 years ago, a nice Mazda sedan. I was thinking, if it was possible to sell my car, and have enough for a nice used bike and a beater car (still need a car) would I do it? I'm sure this would seem extremely irresponsible because I would have to do it behind my parent's back (the car is in my name it was bought with inheritence money when my grandfather passed away, but it is mine) But my parents pay for my car insurance since I'm a full time student and don't have a job (I plan on getting a part time one though).


Does this sound like a stupid thing to do? I just really want to do something exciting and bold in my life, something just for me. I feel like if I don't do this now I won't ever get around to it. What do you think?

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Believe me - you don't need that bike to meet more women or to be more of a risk taker. Buy one when you're able to afford one by yourself. If you feel that strongly about it, talk to your parents 1st, but I say wait.


But you're on the right track about being a risk taker. Do whatever you can to meet and greet. That's the greatest risk of all - putting yourself out there and getting out of your comfort zone. Ignore rejection like you're made of cool iron and keep at it.


And even if you can't meet any women, make friends with people in general. It leads to all sorts of things - more adventures, more job networks, more possible leads to relationships, more drinky buddies, and more options for a Friday and Saturday night.


If you find that you don't fit in or get a cold response from some groups of people or women, keep on trying - you will find your niche. I don't car how different or weird your interests are, there are like minded people out there.


It's a hard thing to realize and do, but just gotta develop a thick skin.

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Make sure you can afford the motorcycle insurance if you get one. Full coverage for a 600cc can run you 2k a year, especially since you're male.


I bought a motorcycle behind my parents back but they found out when I had an accident. They also got me a used car before I got the bike, but I used inheritance and scholarship money to buy/cover my motorcycle. Was it stupid? Kind of and learned the hard away about purchasing a motorcycle and especially learning motorcycle safety. Would I do it all over again? Hell ya!


The only difference for me is I didn't have to trade in another vehicle....Is there any way you can get a part time job? All I have to say is make sure you do your homework and shop around. Oh and take the Motorcycle Safety course (I did), which is very responsible. Oh and it can be an expensive hobby if you become a crash dummy like me...

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the money your loosing on depreciaiton of your car sounds irrisponsable?

it sounds like your trying to make up for lack of confidence


try this. (best line for clubs)

buy a jetski.. =) use ur nice car to tow it. and take girls out on the water.. but wait till you have full time job

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I didn't mean to sound like I was getting a motorcycle to help me get girls, I meant that it was something I've been wanting to do for a long time. A few years ago I was seeing a psychiatrist with my issues of being shy, and he'd often ask me "what is something you've always wanted to do, if you had no monetary or time limits" and if I told him something that was actually within the realm of possibility, he would tell me I should do it. It would be something all for ME, something for me to enjoy and help relieve stress.

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