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Holding on...


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For all of you who haven't been following my threads, I am currently in an open relationship with someone who moved to another country a month ago.


I don't know if it's the full moon... or what- but I'm starting to have regrets...


Am I holding onto something I should have let go of a long time ago?

I just don’t know the reason why it won't work out for us. Maybe the timing is wrong or the needs didn’t match. Perhaps the mistake is mine. Maybe I'm too young to realize that we are meant for each other. Maybe I thought the distance wouldn't effect us. Maybe I'm not strong enough. Maybe I was wishing upon stars that are too far to reach...?


I just don't know if I should let go or not... I just feel so alone.


All I know right now is that I can't hold my breath much longer-- what would you guys do?

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well, we were together when he lived here--- he moved back to his home in Brazil.

We agreed that we would break up/ have an open relationship because it would be easier on us.

There was a possibility that he was going to move back to the united states, and now it seems as though he is staying in Brazil.


Even though we are in an "open relationship" we act as though we are still together. I just don't know if I can take this much longer... I don't know if I should turn my back on this and just end contact completely.

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i did the same thing when i was 21....she had to go back to south america....we kept in touch like we were still together but no commitments were made officially......i found out that she had kissed another guy......it gave me a paranoia from that day on.....make sure you can handle that but then we saw each other again some months later and decided to be b/f & g/f - that was the hardest thing in the end because it felt like i was trapped - i had a g/f who wasn't there for me when i needed her yet i couldn't go and find someone else - to cut a long story short after months of unhappiness i ended cheatin on her through sheer frustration and sadness........Don't get caught up like i did.......if you can handle the open realationship thing, go with it.......if u can't you have to make some changes or move on.........best of luck & i know it's hard...........

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well I already know he has already had sex with someone, but that was in our agreement, that we were allowed to do whatever, with the hopes of being together again....


I just don't think we realized when we made that deal how much we would actually miss eachother.


I think I should just end things... you're right

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