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Hey I'm pretty new to these forums but I was just wondering.

I met this awesome girl back in summer 08 and we went out for about a month but we decided to call it off because it wasn't possible for us to meet up at all really.


We've still been talking since then and we've both said that we really like each other alot and really soon it'll be possible for me to drive up to see her like twice a month.


I don't want us to be official until the 1st time i go to meet her which will be soon, i want to know if there's anything i should set straight with her beforehand. Like anything i should say which will help me down the road, I know that being open about everything and communication is really important. But do you feel there is some sort of talk neccesary beforehand which would help the LDR in the long run?



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Long distance is the hardest kind of relationship I have ever encountered.

I don't think there is anyway to prepare yourself from the way you are going to feel when you miss eachother,but the best advice I can give you in this situation is to just go with your heart, if it feels right then go for it...

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