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oh, i didn't see her today, so i couldn't get her impressions of him. but, i think she liked him. i introduced him to people as my 'friend.' i sure hope i hear from him too! i know he has work related stuff going on this weekend, but i hope....

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yeah, and here is where my feelings get confused. part of me wants to say, 'well, i really want to see him, and if he doesn't call me, then he is just not that into me.' but then, i know that he has a lot going on with school stuff. and then that brings me back to the reality of "OH YEAH - he is GRADUATING!!!" he has a million loose ends to be tied up in his lab. i can imagine if i were graduating in 2 months, that i would have a lot of things that needed to be done, protocols to be written out, inventories to be taken, things to write out for future graduate students on how to do things, etc...... all that random stuff. not to mention making housing plans on where to live in my future country, reading up for my future job, etc..... i can't imagine what he is going through right now, but he seems to be handling it relatively well (or at least hiding it!) i would be in a panic.


i asked him if he has made his plane ticket to europe, he said no, he hasn't even made a graduation date yet. I like to hope that he'll wind up sticking around for longer. but then again, i know in this economy, if he has a job offer, he should probably take it and not dally around. even if there is a girl here who really likes him.

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ok, he's getting on my nerves a bit now. he emailed me on saturday night telling me about the things he had going on, etc.... and then asked if i wanted to get together on sunday (today) or some time next week. i wrote back saying i was busy saturday afternoon but could get together at night, or on thursday or friday of next week. well, it's now sunday late afternoon and i haven't heard back. so i decided to send a text about 10 minutes ago asking if we were meeting tonight or not. i haven't heard from him yet. ok, 10 minutes is not a lot of time! but i think it's a bit rude, i'm just curious as to what is up.


seriously, if he's going to be weird and distant, then forget it.

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I'm confused...it's Friday late afternoon? Isn't today Sunday? lol. I wish it were Friday!


It doesn't sound like anything was set up for sure. You told him when you were available for next week and he just hasn't gotten back to you yet. Give him a day or two because Thursday and Friday are still far off.

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ok, he just texted back. said he was off to church right now, but we could meet later. i texted back 'later as in tonight, or later next week?' hm. texting is so prone to miscommunication.


dali - what i told him was that i could meet sunday night or thursday or friday. i'm busy mon-wed this week.

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I know, I was just confused because you said "well it's now friday late afternoon." If it was Friday I could understand being upset because he set nothing up for the times you were free. But it's still Sunday and he may have been really busy and unable to get back to you before that text. Don't get upset yet. It sounds like he's still trying to make plans with you.

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I'm sorry annie Do something fun for yourself. If exercise doesn't work, go read a good book or give yourself a manicure. Read a cheesy pop culture magazine. Just something distracting.


It sounds pathetic but something I tend to do when I get down is just remind myself of what I'm happy about with my life right now. Make a list of at least five things that are positive in your life, it helps!

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Hey Annie. Sorry you had a bad day. One thing that seems consistent is that he contacts you when he says he is going to- so he seems pretty courteous in that regard- he seems to be a man of his word- so I'm sure you will have some plans set up soon.


I would imagine that since you don't know exactly when he plans to leave, but that the clock is ticking, each weekend that goes by probably feels like "a missed opportunity". It's probably adding to the anxious feelings you are having. Uncertainty and anticipation are definitely triggers for anxiety. (I know that all too well myself lol)

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yeah, he wound up coming over. i told him since i had a bad day, i wasn't in the mood to do something high energy. we rented a movie and watched it, and afterwards made out/talked/etc... afterwards. it was nice. i feel better now. he was very sweet when he noticed that i had a bad day, and he rubbed my shoulders when i asked him to, lol.


you are right bella - it does feel like a clock is ticking down - but i guess we shall see.....

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