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Hate to say it but she sounds kind of lazy. Amazing in all this time, she's just "so bad" with computers that she can't take the initiative to at least learn a little? At least to send email and fill out online forms when needed? Sounds like she does have access to computers but it's her own initiative that stops her from learning to do some basic tasks on them. No one is expecting anyone to become a programmer but Christ, cmon.

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Hi Fudgie - I hope you are well. Yeah, I actually gave her my old laptop when I got a new one so that she could have a computer. But she never uses it. I guess she feels like she knows nothing. She needed to send an email and I was trying to talk her through how to do it on the phone and she couldn't even get past the login screen. :/ But she uses her phone and facebook just fine. Sigh.


But at this point, I feel like a professional needs to step in because I'm just messing it up or not doing something in just the way they want. I don't know. I know with everyone applying for UC, they're looking for any reason to reject your claim. But not tell you. If this were happening to me at work, I would have just passed the case over to a more experienced person and been like, "I'm messing up, I'm not getting it right, please step in to help our customer." Because at this point, it's totally possible her job will reopen and call her back before the unemployment checks start coming in.

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I'm very good at overextending myself and offering too many things. I finally said NO. I mean, this is stupid. There is a liquor store where you can order online and do curbside pickup, so that's what I did. But I was thinking to do that once a month, not every week. Also, they have a store literally down the block that sells bottles of beer. Granted, it's more expensive than buying a case of beer, but yeah, I'm not doing liquor trips every 3 days. Especially when I don't need any myself.


Oh gosh. I'm so annoyed. So I have been helping a friend who lost her job apply for unemployment. She's 20 years older and not good with computers, so she has always had others fill out online stuff. For the last 6 weeks, we've been struggling with the unemployment, we hear nothing, and then 3 weeks later get an email that something is missing... write back right away, then hear back another 3 weeks later that something else is missing when we have in fact, sent it. It is beyond maddening. And honestly, I'm not a professional in this field either. She just got a very rude email tonight from a lady at the unemployment office, saying we did not send something even though we did. My friend is upset. understandably. And i'm kind of at the end of my rope too. I just gave my friend the phone numbers of the resources of some local legal assistance. The problem will be getting through the lines. But argh. I feel for her. But I'm also super frustrated at having to keep submitting and resubmitting the same forms, and then I feel guilty because maybe I filled out something wrong and now she isn't getting paid? I'm also frustrated in that she hasn't taken more initiative herself. I guess she trusts me. But ultimately, I mean, she has to do it. I don't have her passwords or SS number memorized so I have to go to her place, and keep going back, and honestly it's getting so frustrating. She should have the professional help her because I'm not getting it right. Ugh.


My lesson is that 20 years from now, there will be some new technology and I will have to work to learn how to use it and stay with the times.


I agree with Fudgie. Also my friend's daughter did her unemployment application for her (no computer etc same deal) and it took them hours - sigh - but she's still waiting despite the application being accurate. But my friend was incredibly appreciative of all her daughter did.

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My friend asked me again tonight if I can come over on the weekend to help with unemployment forms - I said no, I obviously haven't done it right, she needs to ask someone, best someone who has successfully applied for unemployment to help her. I said I felt bad and guilty that I haven't been able to make it work for her. She said it's the government, not me, but still, I told her it makes me feel bad and that I want her to have someone better at this help her. She complained that everyone else is either too far away or they are inside and are not taking visitors/not going to peoples' houses. So she tried to guilt trip me but I held firm. I mean, I feel really badly about the unemployment situation and I've tried helping her by filing and refiling and sending resources her way - I even emailed our state senator asking them for help. I just can't do it anymore. I feel like at this rate, it's likely that she'll get her old job back before she gets unemployment money.

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I feel uneasy about my own employment situation. However, the company assures us that no one is getting laid off at this time. So, that's good, just have to keep saving, just in case. I guess in private industry, they can let you go at any time, for any reason anyway. My company paid for me to take an online course this week, that was interesting. It's to gain a new skill set (new computer program/data analysis) that will be helpful in my job. And having it on my resume, just in case. You really can't stop learning.

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Wow, I haven't checked in in ENA forever. I'm sorry!!! Things are fine. Job is going fine - no one has gotten laid off and we even got some bonuses, so that was nice. I feel really lucky right now. I haven't gotten covid but I gained the COVID 19, sigh. I am joining a weight loss research study soon - no drugs or surgery, it seems like a weight-watchers style program and they pay you, so lol, sounds good to me.


My friend I wrote about above finally got the unemployment. It turns out, that it was my fault - I put down her address wrong. Like 132 Main Street instead of 123 Main street. However, the mail person never redirected the mail!! She's lived in the same house for 15 years and there is no 132 Main Street (it's a parking lot). Finally someone from the unemployment office called her and asked why she wasn't claiming the money, and she explained that she never got the letter with the PIN number, and then they figured out it was the wrong address. Anyway, she's getting the unemployment now and all the back stuff since March so she got a 4 figure check, which is great.


Anyway, I'm just at home most of the time. I'm volunteering with a meals-on-wheels type organization, driving meals to people. And I'm at home with my new foster cat who is moving to his forever home next week. Just doing lots of paint by numbers. I got to swim during the summer, that was great, I am looking forward to the pool opening again.


I hope you all are doing well.

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