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Has anyone been to a cineplex job interview?


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they might ask:


why do you want to work here?

what kinds of movies do you like to watch?

what is your work style? good answers: hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic, detail-oriented

what is your availability? when would you be willing to work


you could ask:


when will you be making your hiring decision?

how soon would i be able to start working, if i am hired?

any questions you might have about any benefits that might go along with the job (if there are any.....)

dress code for the job?


i've done a bit of hiring so those are what i would expect might come up.


hope you get the job!


employers like people who are prompt and arrive on time, dress neatly for the interview, make eye contact and shake hands upon introduction, speak clearly and don't mumble. it's okay to take a second and think before answering any question!


ALWAYS thank the person who interviewed you before you leave!

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