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Mother Abusing??


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Alright. This is a bit of a strange situation, but I was curious if anyone has ever had or has the same or similar circumstances. I'm a twenty year old girl and I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. He treats me like gold usually and we've never really had a bad fight. It seems like a great relationship. Unfortunately, his mother is what I'm concerned about. She is a sweet person, a little naggy about his future, but has good intentions. I've never seen someone so emotionally abused by their son in my life. He yells at her, screams, curses, ignores. He's terrible to her when it's really not called for.


I've tried talked to him, but he always gives me a "She makes me mad" or something similar response. As much as I try to talk to him, he wont cool down on her. My question is, do you think because this is his true nature he'll treat me like that one day? I'm not a weak woman. I stand up for myself and would never tolerate it. But I was curious if anyone shared the same complication.



Thank you everyone for reading.

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My best friend when I was younger treated her mum the same, spoke to her SO badly, swore at her screamed right in her face if she did'nt do stuff for her. She was very spoilt too. Her mum was even pretty scared of her and her reaction...


Thats what she's like to her boyfriends now... she just learnt it was ok to have such a bad temper and her mum never stood up to her...


So in my experience its possible.

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Sounds like a lot of pent up frustration more than true abuse (hard to tell from your example), and some anger management issues. Maybe her talking about his future has driven him over the edge - sometimes it's the whole "water torture' thing, where "drip... drip... drip.." causes you to finally snap.


When I was in my teens I went ballistic screaming at my parents because I couldn't take the pressure they were putting on me to be SuperGirl. Nothing was good enough and I just started screaming and cussing and you name it. Of course I then had the belt accross my butt a dozen times...


To this day, my mom drives me insane at certain times, but now I can excuse myself and get off the telephone or simply insist on stopping that topic of conversation. He needs to learn how to manage emotions and deal with anger in a more mature manner. I wouldn't say for sure he would do this with you because sometimes people act differently within their family than outside it. Different dynamics, less risk from behaving badly in your family.

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