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Lose hope with ex-gf for new girl?


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She lives 6 hours away on the train, we met online. Known eachother 6 years, met first time last summer, started going out. I saw her one weekend a month, time with eachother great! time with out eachother was hard, it was hard for both of us. Lasted 3 months, still talk the same and are best friends, saw her a weekend before christmas, we acted as if we were still going out.


New Girl

being talking about a week, seen her two nights now, just kissed each other, arm around her etc, that's all. She's great. She really likes me, alot!




Was arranged before i met this new girl that my ex is going to come up next weekend, i was honest with the new girl about the ex coming up too. It bothers her, alot now. she still says that she has no control on what i do and wants best for me.


I told my ex, about this new girl, and asked her how she'd feel if i got with a girl, cos i knew i was going to meet this new girl. and she said do what you want and what will make you happy...

After i spent two nights out in this pub with this new girl, her feelings have shown, she cries over it, upset, doesn't know where she stands, which is true...



I do not know what to do, how do I comfort the new girl, I know when my ex comes over we will be like gf and bf, me and the ex are not sure what to do, like to start things again, or let them go.

But I want a relationship with the new girl too, i want to start something with her, but if i do, ex will get really jealous and I couldn't stand seeing my ex with another boy!

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