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Ok so here's the thing I've been dating this girl for five years and have been smoking weed for abou a year abd a


And a half recently she says she's had enough anddoesnt

Want me to smoke it anymore so I stoped for a while because I was smoking a lil to muc bt then I did it again only. Lil band I foun I started thinking of my future and working towards it but I couldn't keep th

at secret from her and she lost it and I understood y and I felt very bad but now I feel angry with her because I feel like it was forced weed or her and of course I want her but I can't help but feel bittebecause I don't wanna stop smoking but she won't have it because she's had bad experiences when she was younger but I'm not like that I'm mellow fun easygoing a

And happier with myself with a few puffs in me I feel like I can be a movie producer with it buwithout It I just don't have it in me .....I just don't know how to handle this. And I do realize when I'm smoking to much now and I don't want to become a pot head or anything I just want thechoice to do it whenever I feel the need. It just makes me feel like I'm on a leash. And I don't like it... But the thing is she goes out drinking and I hate when she goes out drinking she's willing to stop but I just don't feel like that afar thing to do to someone...anyways I'm on my phone so sorry about the spelling keep in mind I do love her and she's beenfirst love sinc we were 16 so she means allot to me

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And happier with myself with a few puffs in me I feel like I can be a movie producer with it buwithout It I just don't have it in me .....


Yeah, but you are behaving that way only in your head. You are probably just an annoying stoner. This is the feeling that leads to people having drug/drink problems, it's not a good thing.


She's most likely asked you to stop because you are embarrassing, and also because she cares about you and doesn't want you to have a bad experience.


What means more to you - her or the weed.

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Lol I'm not annoying I act the same just more directed and I think about things more before I say them. Ad

Of course like when u do to much of any drug u get stupid but I don't..and its not just the relationship. It helps me motivate myself and loosen up I cat

Drink so this was my only thing.. I did try drinking but then I get stupid and soon after sick I just don't enjoy it

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As someone who smokes pot and knows people who smokes pot, I really doubt this.


I agree. Your thoughts might become deeper but not more directed.


I'm afraid you will have to make a sacrifice in life.. it's either her or the weed. Make a pact with her that you will give up the weed if she gives up the drinking. That way you will feel more even.


And I understand that you don't want to be a pothead but if you are buying it and smoking it, YOU ARE ONE. Or if you are just smoking it and not buying it, your one of those annoying leeches that real stoners hate with a passion and expect them to quickly catch on to you and stop passing it to you and/or avoiding you real soon.

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