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Anxious - layoff or be fired.


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I've worked for the same company for over 5 years. Been successful in getting promoted. Our company goes through many changes and different supervisors.


I work along side 2 other people in a VERY small office. My supervisor is very micro management and has done treated both myself and my colleague very unfairly. He went on bereavement leave this week and before he left I asked him if I could help him with any of the workload. He replied that he would probably need help over the weekend with reports. Needless to say he didn't go into details and left. On Friday I got an email from Senior Management asking for this report. The report was simple to follow. I worked from home this weekend, sent the report out early morning and got a reply from senior management "this is incorrect". My supervisor ALWAYS carries his blackberry and has 24/7 access to email. I called and left a message unsure why the report was wrong and needed his advise. He never called back or answered any of my emails. I found out this morning that even though the results are viewable online the process does not finish updating till around 8am. I pulled the information at 6am.


Both my colleague and myself have run into problems with this supervisor. He constantly attempts to pull the rug from beneath others in an attempt to "look good". He will prepare information, forward to me and then request that I remove his name and send the document out - addressed from me. I just feel uncomfortable in the way he manages.


I feel bad when an error is made and he will tell you to your face that "he gets mad if there's an error". I had problems with him back in the summer of last year when he blasted me over email and copied HR. His supervisor is just an ass like he is. I have felt very down today not looking forward to work tomorrow in fear that I may be fired. (2nd error in a week)


Armed with my paperwork with my findings that the process did not complete, I'm ready for the showdown. I hate conflict, I hate going to work in an atmosphere like this.


My bf has been wonderful this weekend, listening to me talk, gripe, and trying to make me laugh. I'm scared of standing up for myself tomorrow. I know I'm somewhat prepared but wonder since there is talk of more layoffs that I will be let go or fired.


Thanks Kel,

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Is there someone in the office whom you can go to as a mentor to help out? Aside from that, documenting EVERYTHING is the best defense you have against a chain of command stacked against you. Simply keeping a Daytimer and jotting notes like, "such and such assigned to me at this time. Asked for more detail, none given, boss left after telling me not to make a mistake. I will go ask colleague Z for some help."


It's powerful stuff because they almost NEVER write stuff down.

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Could you explain to Senior Management "This is the stuff my boss normally does, but he is on bereavement and unavailable for assistance. Please inform me what is incorrect about the document so I can fix it".


Alli has the right idea. Always good to let them know if you have asked for an example of a similar document, or a process document, or a template or even help too. Sometimes it can be helpful for management to realize no one has written this stuff down so it's just tribal knowledge (not good for the company)

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He responded yesterday morning and asked me to also send the information to other management that he named.


I know he is on bereavement leave last week. Sad thing is, when my mother was very sick and we didn't think she would make it, I went to him and said that I would probably have to take a week off to be with her since we didn't know if she would make it. He replied "before you plan your vacation, have consideration for others in the office and try to schedule this so not to interfere with too many out of the office at the same time"... darn it my Mom was almost dying. How she pulled through we still can't understand.


Moral is very very low. We all walk on egg shells. My supervisor gets upset if we respond to an email to senior management unless he looks and approves the communication even for the most silliest of requests.


It sure helps to vent and thanks to all that have responded, Kel,

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The picture that has been painted by wish4me is one of the main reasons I learned how to realize that my losing my job was a great thing. The only challenge is finding a new job.


You did work at home on the weekend for a boss who would rather concentrate on whether or not you did something correct instead of helping you understand why you did something correct. This person should be terminated. He's clearly unprofessional and out for himself and not his team.


I see this all the time: people bringing their work home and eventually becoming their jobs, only to discover that their hard work leads to eventual disappointment, stress, and termination. My best friend has been going through this of lately. He eventually found himself in the hospital due to all the stress his job was creating in his life. Not only was his immune system on the fringe, but it eventually caused issues with his heart to the point to where he may end up having surgery over it.


jigs was right about the logs, though it sounds as if your efforts in recording things will have little impact on your job security. When it comes down to it, your employer will find a way to lose you like a bad habit if their bent on it enough... Remember the movie "Disclosure"? It's a bit like that except without the happy ending as many of us lack access to our bosses penthouse suite.


If I were you and adamant about keeping your job with your employer, I would begin making moves to get out of the dictatorship you seem to be in and transfer to a different department. He sounds like a true screw loose. To me, your story is one of many reflected through our economy. The companies today prefer to not worry about supervisors who suck because they're all worried about staying afloat instead of the core issues that probably really cause the bigger picture to begin with!

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thanks wolf for your feedback.


I have tried to move to other areas within the company but for the past 2 years I've been held back, because they say they are unable to fulfill my position.


My bf and I went out one night and met a few people from my workplace that were also management of other departments. After a few beers we started talking and they openly told me that my supervisor was on a "power trip". They call him f.....g "X" each time he calls.


He always takes pride in finding errors not only in our work but other departments too. Everyone finds him a nuisance. How can someone who is a nuisance to others be allowed such a position. Most of the people we have working relationships with at work will say how annoyed they are because he is always trying to find problems with other departments and makes no secret about it.


I've applied for 2 job openings this evening that I came accross with my local newspaper. I'm keeping my spirits high. I feel relaxed tonight knowing that I am prepared for tomorrow.

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Ugh, he sounds EXACTLY like my previous boss. He would not let me go get medical treatment because it might be inconvenient for other people who might need to reach me. (mind you, I have a Blackberry). I had to prove to HR that I would be of no use to anyone dead in order to bypass him.


Hope you can find another option than to work for this guy. Good luck!!!

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On Monday i went to the office fully prepared with documentation that the process had not been completed. Things went well...


He sent me a file that he owns and asked me to update it. The source of information that is used to update the file hadn't been updated by our IT department and no communication was sent advising. I updated HIS file and sent it back to him. He never validated the information like he requests us to do on our own work and sent it out immediately to senior management. He received communication back that some of the information was missing and immediately got mad with me. I was at lunch at a hair appointment. He asked my colleague what my cell number was and tried calling me to immediately get back to the office but I didn't hear the cell ring. When I got back he was in a rage and told me that I needed to validate the info on EVERYTHING. I told him that it wasn't my fault that the IT information hadn't been updated with no communication. I sat down, hadn't taken my coat off before I read a communication from him sent by email. "I am going to calm down - but what validation steps did you take? I cannot keep catching errors"


It's horrible working for him and others have said that he is a pain in the ass. He's constantly wanted to catch people out on errors, even other departments. No one likes him. He's even admitted openly that he has been critized badly for being a micro manageer. I just hope I can find another job soon.

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