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texting a girl i met a couple of days ago.


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Yeah, texting is nice when you are in a situation that you can't talk (ie, one or both people are at work). But seriously. I'm going to take a bet you are texting because you don't feel comfortable talking on the phone, using real voices. I'm going to tell you what I told the other guy a couple days ago here: texting is the wimpy way out!! Gather some intestinal fortitude and call her!

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First of all, I hate texting. There is no romance in texting.

I used to have a boyfriend that would text me to tell me that he just got to my house and that I should come out to his car... Where is the romance people?? Let's just say he didn't stay my boyfriend!


Call her!!

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Isn't that your subjective opinion only ?


I've always used texting and it worked fine. Or it didn't matter to the girls ...

It's true I don't like to talk on the phone but that's not because of no confidence but more because I have trouble talking to people I can't see in front of me.


You should do whatever you feel fine with. Maybe the other peoples advice is better but I tell you, I yet have to find a girl that didn't really like it.


PS: I usually add something humorous to the message ^^

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Texting is hard for conversations. You could text a quick 'how's it going' see if she replies and then ask her if she would like to go out sometime, for drinks, etc, whatever you choose. If she says yes, then call her to make official plans. Don't rely on texting.


I had a guy do that to me. I gave him my number, 2 days later he texted, we had a brief back and forth, ending with him asking if I wanted to grab a drink sometime. I said yes, and then he called that evening to confirm a day/time.


Text at first if that makes you feel comfortable, but don't rely on it if you want to make plans. Good luck!

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