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Painful gas from soup?


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I had 2 bowls of Campbell's chicken noodle soup, ate slowly, maybe handful of crackers with it. Now I've got really painful gas, and am very nauseous.

I eat soup all the time...why this reaction?


I Googled recalls...none for this brand.

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Maybe this particular can was off but just be your stomach is having an off day. it could also be something i've had before where you get an intestinal virus - feels like someone is stabbing you in the guts, but the difference is it doesn't go away after a while and you can get feverish.


Have you anything to settle gas or diarrhoea at home? Maybe some peppermint tea will help, it's supposed to be good for stomach upsets and gas, at least it works for me.


Keep an eye on how things go, if things don't improve by either later today or tomorrow morning, go to the hospital immediately.

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The pain has subsided, but my stomach is still queasy. Had some peppermint tea, and lots of water.


Good to hear the pain has subsided. Try and take some rest, or as alli suggested, some Pepto Bismol. It worked for me when i had salmonella poisoning, though it made my... um... waste turn charcoal black lol

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