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BC odd side effects?

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Hi everyone,

I've already posted a similar thread in the pregnancy forum but I didn't really get any responses so I need some input.


Last year I started Kariva. I was on it for three months and the side effects that I noticed were: loss of appetite, weight loss, shorter periods, headaches, dizziness, severe depression, very low libidio(didn't want to have sex at all and I was very dry as well so I kept getting UTIS)... I got off it, because of the depression--which got worse as time went.


So because I didn't want to get pregnant again, and because I've had worse side effects on other bc, I went back on Kariva two weeks ago. I didn't start it on the right day--I started it a few days after my period began. But anyways I've noticed that I'm having similar side effects: depression, dizziness, mood swings, headaches, loss of appetite... But there are TWO different things that have occurred.


Well the last time I took it I was ALREADY on a diet when I started, so that probably contributed to the weight loss--but I managed to lose about 9 pounds within the first two months on the bc.


This time when I started it I was overreating and had already gained about 9 pounds prior to use. WEll anyway I've noticed that even with the diet I started last week where I'm eating 1300-1500 calories a day, (I worked out twice this week) I haven't really lose weight... The scale is remaining the same, my pants are still fitting the way they did before I took the BC. But my boobs are bigger. They've already went up 1/2 a cup size in only two weeks... So it seems as if I'm gaining weight in my boobs. I'm not having bloating or anything, and again my pants are fitting the same. But I'm irritated that I haven't lost weight my first week of the diet. To be fair it's only been a week and I didn't work out much, but the last time I took this stuff I lost weight within the first two months. And my boobs did NOT get bigger the last time. I'm not complaining about that though.

Another side effect that is sort of weird is that while my libido hasn't dramatically lowered, it HURTS to have sex now.


The depression is starting to subside.


I'm just concerned that I'm going to gain weight on this stuff. My goal is to lose the 10 pounds that I've gained since October, and I'm used to losing weight rather quickly. It's annoying to get on the scale and see that I weigh the same and that I'm not losing.


Is it normal to have different side effects when taking the same bc? Like I don't understand how I could have different side effects when I took it last year?

I'm 21 btw.

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I wonder if the weight changes are entirely due to the birth control. Last time you were dieting & this time you were overeating, so that probably has more to do with it than anything. Birth control causes minor fluctuations in weight, but 9lbs either way seems like a lot.


Maybe you were anticipating losing weight this time so you allowed yourself to overindulge thinking you were going to lose weight anyway? Just a thought.


A week is really fast to expect to lose much, if any noticeable weight. A healthy diet & exercise & you will be fine!


That type of birth control sounds like pretty nasty side effects! Why are you using it again if you know what it does to you?

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