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Hi Everyone,


I'm back and lately I've been feeling a bit depressed about my LDR. We have been in this relationship for over a year and now he has finally applied for a holiday visa to come over to Canada to study. Problem is he will most likely be studying in a different province away from me because there is nothing available where I live. I feel like telling him that he might as well stay where he is because we will still be long distance even in my country and that coming over here is not going to change anything. I adore him and I want what is best for him but I'm not sure if it is what is best for me.


When do you know to end an LDR? Do anyone of you go through sad periods in your ldr? When sometimes you feel like giving up because the distance is too overwhelming? I see all of my friends in happy relationships and I sometimes feel jealous because I don't have that closeness in mine. I'm not sure if the way I am feeling is normal or if I'm really considering ending it. I would be devastated losing him because I feel what we have is really special and I've never found this type of connection with anyone else before. Any inspiration, advice is appreciated...anyone ever defeat the distance?

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I have only been in a ldr for a month, and I'm already having second thoughts.

Ours is an open relationship though, we don't even have the comfort of commitment.


I have been sitting here for an hour trying to find the best words to write to him to tell him how I honestly feel....


Hang in there. Don't get too overwhelmed by the emptiness you feel in your chest. Just remember that you are not alone, and it's okay to feel this way.

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Well I've been in mine for a while now and I would never even begin to consider breaking up.


If you love that person with all your heart then you're a fool to break up with them!


It just means that it will be difficult for a while! NOTHING good in life comes from no work! You NEED the satisfaction of knowing you've worked for it!


Do you love him? - Stay strong! Fight it out! How far away is he and how far away does he live? I'm 5,000 from mine, I still love her with every ouncy of my strength and will. I'm fighting for what's good in life Even if it hurts now.


Do you just like him? - Break up with him, you're hurting yourself and he's hurting himself for what is potentially not going to work out anyway.


That's my opinion.

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Thanks Davie! You are right...I am trying to stay strong. Nothing worth having in this life comes easy and I need to be patient.


Of course I would be willing to move where he is. But we don't know where is he is going yet or for how long as we found out that the courses are going to cost a lot more than we originally thought.


I just need to believe and trust in the fact that we both see a future together and hope that everything works out the way it should! Thanks for all your advice.

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Two months for me, and she stopped replying to my messages and calls for over a week. I know she's juggling two jobs, yet she seems to have the time to post several blogs every day or so, and I try not to bother her at home. If she had wanted to call it off, I would had respected and appreciated her honesty. But still nothing, so I'll just keep on contacting her now and then.


I think most LDRs just fade away without much talk involved. Forget distance; you know the relationship is over when calling becomes a hassle for someone.

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