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Was he with her when we were together??

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Ok, so my ex and i broke up (he dumped me) around the 10th of December, a week before we both left our uni to go home. In the week just before we left, we texted a couple of times and i got "i miss you", "lets have a good xmas and see how things go". Basically, he was feeding me this hope and even though he'd treated me badly, i wanted him back.

So then its the xmas holidays, and i'm on facebook and i find flirting going on between him and this girl from home. I was suspicious as he called her "my baby" etc, and i thought maybe they wern't just friends. People told me not to jump to conclusions though, and i continued with the NC that we'd had since we both went home despite his "lets see how things go" comment. He just ignored me when we were online together, never texted or called, and in case you're wondering why i didn't contact him, it was because i'd put myself out there two or three times before the holidays and he rejected me each time. Maybe i should add here that he's an international student and so this girl is in his home country, not at uni with us. I think they've been friends or known each other for quite a while.

So he still doesn't contact me or anything and then about after 3 weeks, he announces his new relationship with her on facebook for everyone to see.


What i want to know guys is do you think he'd been planning on getting with her even when he was with me? The reason i want to know is that he dumped me by text over one pissed-off message i sent to him, and if they started flirting online like 2 days after i got home, logic tells me they must have been in contact for some time. He never ever put on facebook that me and him were together (and we've been on and of for the best part of a year) and told me he hated putting his r/ship status up on fb. Normally he doesn't have it on, but he's made an exception for her.

What would you all make of it? Thanks!

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What a way to find out about his new relationship...but if you say he wasn't treating you right all the way along and he has been on and off with you, it is not surprising that he would pull a stunt like this. It is hard to say whether or not this was in the works for a while...but if he was a jerk to you chances are he will end up being a jerk to her as well. The bottom line is that you can now have a clean break from him...you did not lose anyone special...he did you a favour by walking out of your life...now you can find someone who will treat you right.

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