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Dreaming of my ex every night

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I am getting so so sick of waking up feeling depressed because ive dreamt of my ex usually its romantic dreams or hes just in them randomly, its been happening every night for over a week, we been broken up 2 and a half weeks, and had no contact except one line on msn. Anyone else having this, doesnt it make it so much worse??

Ive tried focusing on different stuff before bed but it wont work

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Do you talk to him on msn right before you go to sleep? I notice that with me sometimes, whatever I do or watch before I sleep, I sometimes have dreams associating it. For example once during the summer, I watched a show on ABC family called The secret life of an American Teenager (if you don't know what it's about, it's about a 15 year old girl who gets pregnant after hooking up with a guy once). After the show, I went to sleep and had a dream that my friends told me they lost their virginities. In the same dream, my other friend adopted a baby lol


Also, a few days ago, I had experience of being a week late with my period, so I thought there was a possibility that I was pregnant (but now I know that I'm not). Since it's been on my mind, I had a dream that I was pregnant lol.


But anyway yeah, if that's the case, maybe you should try NC with your ex for a while, and don't talk to him on MSN anymore. That may help since it seems like you are not over your ex yet.

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This stage will pass as you come to accept the breakup more and more, I promise.


I was haunted by dreams of him for nearly two months,now I rarely dream of him, and if I do, I don't wake up depressed like I used to.


Try to bring your issues with your ex into your concsious during the day, that way you'll probably be less inclined to dream about him at night as your subconcsious takes over.

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