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how to handle this


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well its a new year, new possibilities arise ... im just not sure how to handle mine...


whats been planned for me so far is that i decided to open an e-commerce store which sells computers, components, and software online. i decided to do this because i liked the idea of running my own type of mini business while attending college, also because i couldnt really find work.


now i may have a problem. since im a pc seller it means people are going to be ordering computers, cool, but what happens is when i get everything from my supplier i have to build it from scratch, i can do that.


at the same time i attend college, which isnt a problem considering its like 4 hours a day and i have the rest of the day to work with and customer orders.

heres where the issue starts, my brother phoned a friend asking him if there was any work available for me , so that i could get some kinda job. and if i do start working there, it means, i have my business, ( of which i may have orders on computers which i have to spend time building), college, and work ( i go straight there from college and work till around 5)


im not exactly sure how to handle this, because if i have to go to work straight after college which finishes at 12. work till 5,and on top of that, have an order for like 3 computers that i have to build up when i get home, il probably get to sleep around 12 everyday and the result will be i cant keep up with one thing or teh other and be sleep deprived.


does anyone have some advice on this? i thought of maybe like, taking one day off during the week from work and sorting out the business, but then its not really a good impression since i would be someone new and just started working there,, so confused

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