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To write in Valentine's Day card


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I know it's early to think about this, but I have some free time now before the semester gets very busy and I have to send the Valentine's package overseas so...


I'm trying to think of something nice to write in my boyfriend's card that is similar to what I've done the past two years. Our first Valentine's Day, I wrote a list of his "words" based on an inside joke we had (words that reminded me of him, his qualities, etc.). He really loved it and I know he read it a lot. The next year, it was a month after we said I love you so I wrote a list of things I love about him/reasons why that ended up being quite long, which he also really liked.


I want to continue the tradition this year since we are apart, but I'm not sure what to write this time. I thought about making a list of things we will do once we are back together or writing about the past year and the good times we've had together. That might be nice since there have also been some pretty rough times associated with being LD this year. However, I want the focus to be mostly on him (like the first two years)-- just to illustrate his great/quirky character, how much he's accomplished this year, stuff like that, especially since he is having a hard time in school. He will probably like anything I write, but I tend to overthink these writing things since I love expressing myself in written words to people I care about.


Any ideas or should I just go with things we'll do together next/things we have done?

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