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Euh yeah well... dunno


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Trying to make it short


So I asked a girl out a couple of weeks ago... I knew her through a friend

we went out for dinner

we went to the movies

we went out with her friends

we celebrates new year

she came to my place

I went to her place

She called, I called, I never called twice, always left her a message when she couldnt pick up the phone and so did she, we never texted

We kissed on date 2, but she told me she wasnt ready yet.

we kept kissing, we slept together, I got gifts from her, I got cards from her with some really nice words....

Then this week, she totally blocked and said it was over, saying she wasnt ready for a relationship

I understand that, been there done that..

She mailed me some cute words, thanking that I understanded her.

Then, I waited, and yesterday she phoned me, smalltalk, until I asked what was really going on, and she totally blocked again. Am I not allowed to ask what was going on? Do I really have to shut up and PLAY?


really don't know what to do now... I guess its over?


any advice?

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Why don't you invite her over for dinner or something of the sort?


You could ask if it's ok to keep dating her as long as it's kept to chats. You know, without the intimacy. Seems like she was really into that other guy I guess.


At least then you've secured your seat for the future if that makes any sense? More importantly you might get to know her a bit better!


You're a good person for understanding (imo)

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You could ask if it's ok to keep dating her as long as it's kept to chats. You know, without the intimacy.


I do not agree... That would feel like a one night stand for me.

1. the feeling before a one night stand is always fun

2. the feeling during the one night stand is always fun

3. the feeling after a one night stand is always... * * * * what did I do


so seeing her, and being a friend, would be nice, before, during, but not after, because afterwards you start thinking, "what if", and I want to continue function correctly on my job, with my family, without being in a bad mood because I had to play "a friend"

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I'm simply saying to keep that area of friendship open


Take her out once or twice for meals here and there just to show her she's admired. You understand how she feels right? So you respect that.


At least when the time is right and she is ready she will know you're still there.


Otherwise I can't think of a great deal that can be done. Sorry if you don't like my opinion. It's the only one I can give


I may be totally wrong, although it's what I would do. Regardless of all that... Good luck

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