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Bonding/BDSM question


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Hello, my BF of 4 years finally open up to me (i think) because i'm not sure if he was joking or he was being serious, as he always talk in a very cheeky flirty tone when we talk about sex, of course, majority of the time we are serious when we are discussing about sex.


Here's the thing, i'm not sure if you classify it as a behavior of someone who likes a bit of pain in sex. One time i accidentally scrapped him with my teeth when i was giving him a BJ. He only ask me to stop because he thought i hated the taste of blood, afterward he says he likes the pleasurable pain. (but i love the taste of blood) I've always notice he likes if hard and fast when i give him handjobs, but of course it made me tired quite easily. (something like 30 strokes in 10 secs and almost yanking way)Also, its very hard to make him climax unless i do it very hard/rough/fast. We havent explore much intimately due to our long distant relationship (we only have pyshical contact like a month in one year) so i'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not repulse of BDSM because i really am clueless in that area and i wouldnt mind trying. The next step of our relationship is to move in together as he is finally going to finish his degree. I'd like to equip myself with this knowledge so i can pleasure him/experiment with him. I know he's actually very shy when it comes to searching for sexual knowledge and i'm the one who does most of the theory research



Is he a person who likes rough sex or he really would be turn on being tortured painfully? How do you know if you have that tendency without trying it physcially? Does watching BDSM porn and getting turn on by it confirms it? Also, how accurate are those BDSM porn to real life?


Well if anyone here would like to share about bonding/BDSM?

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