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did the worst thing ever... hung out with the ex and his new girl

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So I went to the bar with a bunch of friends…I knew my ex and his new girl would show up but he wasn’t there at the time so I had no regrets and we got there and filled up a booth…when him and his new gf came in they weren’t sitting next to us so I didnt feel all that bad.. and then she ended up leaving all of a sudden and then I was fine, I dont mind being in the same room as him when shes not there..


So me and my friends left the bar and went to their place.. later on he came by with a couple of other ppl which was ok.. I can deal with him being there alone... but later on she comes.. thats when things got really bad for me.. he had his arms all around her, whispering thing in her ear.. while Im right there in front of them.. I felt like * * * * .. I still do.. This is the first time that Ive seen them together like this in a social situation and I did not like it one bit.. I guess at least now I can tell ppl that I dont want to be there if they are.. wow do I ever feel replaced..


Just to let you guys know we have been split up since the end of August, which has been about 4 month now… we were together for 9 month and did sooo much together, we went to Cuba, I went to visit his parents in a different province.. if before all this happened and you were to ask me my best year I would have said last year was it for me.. it was awesome.. but now I just feel pain when I look back at all the good memories that I wish I could still have... so a month after we broke up we started "seeing" eachother... I know this was a bad idea but it was also before I found this site that told me NC was key... but then out of the blue while we were still "seeing" eachother he sends me an email saying that him and this new girl have "progressed" those were his exact words... and a week later she leaves until this weak for a vacation... so who knows how long they actually had a thing going on.. so even though they seem to have been together for a while.. this is the first that I actually have to experience them being together.. so its like Im starting over at square one all over again.. for the third time!! the first being the actual break up.. the second being when he told me about her.. and the third actually seeing them together! so I know now that I cant handle them together.. Im just going to go to bed and cry after I finish writing this.. but I guess its something that I had to go through right? I just hate that Im going to have to not go to events because they will be there… I hate that they are able to be happy while in the same room as me.. I hate that they don’t care how I feel…


I know I brought this upon myself.. I know I shouldn’t have gone.. but I dont like that I have to avoid my own friends because of them! so experiencing tonight I guess the best thing for me would have been to just stay home.. but I know I would have regretted not going out if I had... Its such an awful cycle!

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Ugh, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I'm nervous that I'm going to at some point see my ex and her bf also. The thing that gets me also is that they don't seem to care how I feel, when all I think about is how they are feeling. Although I wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone, it is nice to see other people are going through similar stuff to what you are.

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