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I'm dealing with this horror for a second time!!!!

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And I don't know what to do again. Yet again, I'm alone, and the girl, she...made fun of me alot in front of my friends. and today, blocked me from myspace, deleted her phone number, etc.



This is eerily creepy to my first break up. I mean, you could argue that it's something I'm doing, when in fact, I'm starting to think I just am cursed.



It hurts alot, and I feel like crying sort've like back in August when I first broke up with my girl...I sometimes really feel like I'm standing alone...and that's the problem.


Am I? is there any girl who isn't like my first ex? who won't all of a sudden at the last minute, when I think she's happy with me, break up with me and start saying that she never meant a word of what she said?

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There will be a lot more breakups that you'll have to deal with. We all go though a lot of breakups, it's a part of growing up. They're never pleasant, so don't expect them to be. Plus young women can be horribly mean.


There's a saying - little women are little b1tch3s waiting to grow up to be big b1tch3s. There is some truth to that...

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