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I'm VERY Suprised..


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The girl that I said went back to her ex. Said that she has doubts about getting back with her ex, even though her ex made changes to be with her. She said that she can't see them lasting forever like her ex is seeing she is trying to go at it one day at a time and is willing to give it a try. Me and her are still friends. I told her that just go by what your heart say. She say that she still has doubts. Is there any way that I can help her?

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By 'help her' do you mean help her choose you instead of the ex?


If you want to increase your chances, don't hang around to be her fall-back person. Fall-back people get no respect.


I'd leave her alone and let her work out her stuff with the ex. If things work out in your favor, she'll certainly let you know--but if you stay in the picture you're hurting your chances, not helping.


In your corner.

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iono she so special to me. She got something that isn't seen in other girls.

I wasn't too hurt, but the thing that scared me was that I dreamed it for a week. I was watching the BCS Title game and I said Tim Tebow is an amazing player then right after she called me and said her and her ex are back together. Later on this year we got to be lovers. I said whatever to the dream that ain't gonna happen. unfortunately it did. I was mad and sad. But the next day my mom was breaking down crying cause my grandma's roof caved in.


You know the phrase things happen for a reason. I think the reason it happen was for me to be there and concentrate on my family. I asked my mom why it happened. She said things happen for a reason, but the thing is we hardly ever know the reason.


I feel like this is someone that I'm connected too. I wasn't really interested in her like that. Then boom. I feel in love with her. That's why I can't move forward something is telling me to stay and stick with it, but don't add the emphasis to it.

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