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Message from ex, need help


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It's day 14 of no contact for me. I get a message from my ex on AIM; "hey."


I message back, "hey."


I can see on my buddy list she had already signed off and it forwards messages to her mobile phone. I missed the message so I guess she waited and then didn't get an answer so she left.


I waited for a few minutes, then sent her another message, "Ok well I'm going to watch a movie, if you need me text my phone and I'll get back online."


I have this very strong suspicion she's going to tell me she's now in a relationship with the guy who was sweet talking her before the breakup. On the other hand, she was responsive to what I had to say about our issues, is very confused at the moment, and left the door open for reconciliation but said "For now the answer is no." I haven't said a word to her in 14 days, and have had lunch with her best friend and have been very positive. I've been working out (I'm already a health nut so it's hard for me to look any better than I already do) but doing well at my job and overall a nice vibe. I talked to her friend about what I've learned and how the problems are fixable but told her that I did not even want her to know we had lunch. I was friends with her before my ex was so I trust her, but you never know.


I don't really know what to think or what to say. I guess, I should just let her talk and then react, but should I even respond, or should I stick to no contact?

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