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Advice a.s.a.p !


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yeah okay my friend is going to be here any minute .. and , ya my mom thinks shes really cool and * * * * and we all get along great.. but my bf wants to hangout tonight, so i told my friend we can tour .. with them .. and anyways she has no problem with it. i havent asked my mom if we can go yet, but , i dont know if she will say yes .. i just need to convince her and i only have like 30 mins to figure this whole thing out, i really need to see my bf, .. and , i just need to talk to him about something i did today.. about that, here another thing i need advice with, im in love with my bf, but i was flirting majorlywith this guy and i flashed him, so i dont wanna keep anything from my bf so i need to tell him in person. but ya thx.

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You have to be specific. Ask her if you & your friend can go to Pizza Hut with your bf for a couple hours. And you'll be back by 9.


Or something like that. Being vague about where you are going & what you are doing makes you sound evasive & she won't want you to go do something sneaky. But whatever you tell her you're doing it should be true.

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can i ask you another question ?

well , me and my bf have been dating for like over two weeks, but we are in love and .. i have fallen madly for him. but anyways, today i was talking to this really cute guy and i went on cam with him and so did he, and we were flirting majorly, and i flashed. we talked about sex, and * * * * ..

i want to tell my bf cuz i dont want to hide anything from him and i dont want to feel the guilt of hiding something from him but ya .. do you think i should tell him ? if so, how should i put it ?

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It's up to you; I can't tell you the right thing to do. Some people will say he should have all the information so he can decide, fully informed, if he wants to be in the relationship or not, so tell.


Others will say it is the burden of the person who did the guilty actions, & that should not be placed on the shoulders of the non-guilty partner, so don't tell.


It might be a good idea for you to tell him, because if you think flashing someone is ok when you have a bf, what are you going to do next? Seeing his reaction will might influence you to not do things like that when you are in a relationship. What would you want him to do if he exposed himself to a girl?


I'm guessing you are young. You shouldn't be flashing people online anyway!

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