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My Daughter's Grandmother wants to divorce her husband.


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My Daughter's paternal Grandmother is eager to divorce her Husband of about 35 years. She has been talking about this for a while but is v.serious about it. She has got to the end of her tether. The problem is that my Daughter loves her Grandad so much. They have such a great bond. We are worried about how this will affect my daughter as she is always used to them being together. She is only 7 and even though she has been through a lot with my own seperations from partners, I think she will be quite upset with the change. Does anyone have any advice on how I should go about this? A divorce is difficult any time a child is involved. When I split up with previous partners, she was younger and wasn't so attached as she is to them. Any replies will be much appreciated. Thanks xcx

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Are you still with your daughter's father? I ask because you refer to the woman as your daughter's grandmother, not your mother-in-law or your bf's mom. If he is in the picture, you & he should talk to your daughter together.


I don't have kids, but I would maybe say something like "your grandma & grandpa decided they will be happier living in separate houses. You can still see both of them & spend time with each, but you won't see them together".


I don't know. Think that sounds good?

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