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Trying to look on the bright side.

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These past few weeks have been quite the rollercoaster. I go from feeling fine, to periods of time where I can't get my mind of her and what happened.


But mostly my head is winning the conflict this time. I think it's the first time that I finally understand that we can't work out as a couple. Not the people that we are right now. Maybe in 10 years when we are both completely different people, but by then I hope to be happily married with children! Haha.


Anyways, today I got one reminder of how lucky I am to be single.


I got my paycheck in via direct deposit today. I paid my cell phone bill, but away 800 for rent and credit card bills. Then I looked at my checking account to see how much money I still have left.


900 dollars!!!!


Wow! Typically I was used to have to make 250-400 dollars last two weeks, which isn't that hard, but I would take her out to dinner all the time so it went fast. Between dinner and grocery's I was always ready for a new paycheck. But now that I'm only paying my bills and my food I have already starting nearly 500 dollars ahead of where I usually am!


So I changed my avatar. Hopefully this picture will reflect my current mood more than the last avatar I had. As long as I keep smiling I'll be hard to bring down right?

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Yeah, having money IS quite nice. I'd usually spend around $300+ a month on taking my ex here or there. And after I broke up with her, she told me that she hated what money did to me. WHAT money? Before I met her I would always have an extra month's mortgage payment set aside. By the time we broke up, I was struggling, at times having less than $50 in my account, PLUS a $700 credit card bill. I was always worried about money because she never paid for anything and bled me dry, acting like a latte and a lottery ticket every day was small potatoes, and wasn't as bad as buying her dinner on a Friday night. Um...it adds up to be the same. Or she'd say "I'll cook" and either say later that she didn't feel like cooking after all, or she'd want to do something extra later in the week. But the money did things to me...yeah, right.

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