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Citalopram, 10mg. Help?


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I have been put on Citalopram, 10mg, for my anxiety.


Anyone had experiences with this? Did it help? Any side effects? What side effects, if so, and how long for?


This medication isn't meant for under 18s apparently, but it's the lowest dosage and my anxiety is very overwhelming, some symptoms I am experiencing could be due to my anxiety(physically), so he's trying me on this to see if it helps at all.


(not been prescribed anything like this before)


So. Yeah. Thanks. x

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Citalopram is an antidepressant. The brand name was Celexa. It may help a bit with anxiety too but more on a long term basis than short term panic attacks.


Both my sons are on this at similar doses to you (my oldest is on 15 mg, my youngest on 7 mg). Side effects that I noticed are hyperactivity.

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Try Lexapro.


I'm on 10 mg of lexapro and have been on it for about 3 months.


I'm VERY sensitive to drugs and side affects, yet other then having dialated pupils for the first 2 weeks and crazy dreams, I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary and it does wonders for my anxiety. Helps me feel normal.


I did alot of research on this drug before I asked for it, not to mention I got a 105% in Psychology.


Lexapro isn't a tricyclic, so it doesn't have all of the bad side affects and seems to be most tolerated by all people.

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Because of my age, I'm not sure he's so confident about trying me on a bunch of medications.


Yet he put me on one where it isn't recommended for under 18s.


I will try and talk to my psych about putting me on anti-anxiety meds though. I don't think I want to be on any medication though.

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Lexapro is just a newer version of Citalopram. It is also a lot more expensive because there is no generic drug for it.


And ALL those medications state they aren't recommended for people under 18. That is the manufacturers way of covering themselves.


If Citalopram works stick with it. You need to give it several weeks for it to show any effects.

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I've just been diagnosed with Citalopram, and I'm on 10mg, too.


I freaked out a bit when I read the list of potential side effects. But I've taken the plunge today and had my first dose. I felt a bit woozy, and shaky. And I felt really really anxious for a while. But I can't be sure if its because of the citalopram or because I'd got into a state about possible side effects

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I've been on and off celexa a couple of times now. The reason I stopped last time was that it made me bruise like crazy. My legs constantly looked like I'd been assaulted. I'm back on it again now and the side effects that I've noticed are extreme fatigue. I need to take a morning and an afternoon nap in addition to a good 9 hours sleep at night. I've also experienced a complete loss of interest in sex, but this isn't a big deal because I'm single. If anything, it keeps me out of trouble.


It's been about 4 weeks since I started taking it this time and I'm definitely feeling better. I used to get horribly depressed on the weekends, but now I don't seem to hit the lows anymore. In fact, I've been laughing more than ever.

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I took my first dose today. I'm quite scared because of the side effects. I've had awful encounters with side effects in medications. I'm very sensitive to them.


How did you get on after taking it, I hope you're ok


I took my second dose today and didn't feel as spaced out as I did yesterday, although I've been really agitated and like I'm on edge. My GP prescribed this for my depression and anxiety and told me I could feel worse before I get better, but the thing thats making me really worried is feeling unwell (with upset stomach or headaces etc) while I'm work... I find going to work stressful enough without all that

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I am feeling jittery, dizzy, dazed, sleepy, shakey, heart is acting funny, still, my pupils are HUGE. *sighs* GREAT. Just.Great.



I hate this I hate medication.so.much.


I was like that yesterday and I can really empathise how scary it must be for you now. I was petrified about taking my dose today after all that, but its not been as bad so far. I had a strange few hours this morning, and am still getting very fuzzy, panicy and shaky, but not like yesterday. I'm worried about tomorrow though - I might take it in the evening instead of morning because of work. I don't want to not take it as I know deep down I have to give it a go, but I'm still frightened of the side effects

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^^ But I'm not on it for depression.


Well, I initially started taking it for anxiety as well (the two tend to come hand in hand) and it helped a little, but my anxiety was so bad that I had to be put on clonazepam, which works amazingly for me.


Just give it a try, 6 weeks or so, and see how you go.

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I'm on 10mg of Citalopram now and it really does help my anxiety levels. My doctor tried to move me up to 20mg, but the anxiety came back in full force once I was moved up in my dosage. The 10mg really mellows out my anxiety and when combined with CBT, it really helped my agoraphobia. My only problems with it happened within the first few days. I was very sensitive to light and way jittery. But again, these all went away after the first few days. The light sensitivity comes back randomly but it's worth not having the extreme anxiety I was experiencing before.

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The side effects of the medication will decrease over a couple of weeks.

I was on 60mg of Citalopram for around two years and the only adverse reactions i had were disturbed dreams, needing to pee a lot and some mild stomach upset for the first few weeks.



I also often think that by researching the potential side effects of medications we can make our bodies and minds play tricks on us and almost convince ourselves that we are suffering from things that we simply aren't.


I know that i was taking if for a different reason than you, but try to stick with it if you can. As medications go, it's one of the kinder ones out there. it's also at lot easier to come off of than many other medications of a similar kind.

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I'm very sensitive to medications though, I learnt that a year ago when I was on another medication. I suffer a lot of side effects with medications which sucks =/


I can't take todays dose as my mother has the medication and has said don't take todays dose because it's really effected me badly, going to doctors tomorrow.


I don't particuarly like medications, and this one has many side effects toit. TBH, id rather feel anxious than go through this. It's just made everything worse.

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I've taken it, the same dose actually. I found it has similar side effects to Prozac (weight loss, low libido, dry mouth, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue. Worth noting I only got a decreased appetite and libido!), but at a lower level. One problem you might find with this drug or any other SSRI is that in the first few months of taking it you become more anxious.

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