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If you are dating someone but the only thing you do is have sex (ie, no date preceeding it) than you will know. I also think it would be hard to actually have too much sex, but you will know if its too much in proportion to the amount of other things you do together. It doesn't even have to be a date, just hanging out together & talking is good. Other things need to be present to build a foundation for a relationship.

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Sex becomes too much when basic relationship things are being replaced.


If all you do is have sex, well clearly it's too much. You have to spend quality time with your partner and help the relationship grow outside of the bedroom. As long as you're spending time with the person outside the bedroom and putting time into building the relationship, have as much sex as you want!


As for two little, thats upto the two people in the relationship to figure out.

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I think there can be an imbalance where sex is used to cover for other areas in the relationship that are more difficult to communicate in...


There has to be other components (emotional connectedness) to a relationship other than mostly physical.....


So yes, if there were only sex and lacking in other important areas, it is not necessarily too much sex but too much of just sex, if you can see what I mean....

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