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Did I wish her a hapy birthday or not?


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Since I am new to forums, my previous attempt was not clearly written, so I am trying again with a simplified version. Sorry if you have read it before. Thank you all in advance.


My girlfriend was in the US, visiting her pre-college friends and I was working in Europe, so I was in the time zone 8 hours ahead of her.



I called her December 5th, her birthday, at 10am European time 2am her time. I wished her a happy birthday and then we continued an argument that started few days before. 20 minutes into the conversation I had to go to work. So, I ended the conversation by whishing her happy birthday again and told her to have a good time with her friends.


At the end of my working day at 6pm my time 10am her time, still on December 5th , I thought about calling her to wish her a happy birthday again, but remembering that my previous attempt just upset her I chose to write an email. Quote below…




Since our last conversation did not go that well, I just wanted to drop you a note and wish you a happy birthday. You are a good person and I know it. Just sometimes our rhythm seems to misfire. I hope you are not too upset about the disagreement and are able to have a good time with your friends for your birthday. I wish I could have been there, so I could see you among your friends on your own turf so to say. Bottom line is that you should enjoy your life and the moments you spend with people you care about. These are the memories that you will remember on your porch when you are 80 years old. So don’t waste the memory-making opportunities by having negative thoughts, be happy, enjoy what you have.


Happy birthday again!!! "


Does my birthday wish qualify as a legit one or not?

Please help us by sharing your views

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It sounds basically the same as the last post you wrote. And her birthday was over a month ago, you guys are still stuck on this issue?


Did you remind her of the phone conversation you had at 2am on her bday, during which you said "happy birthday"? Did she receive the email you sent on her bday, in which you said "happy birthday"?


People fight about little issues because they cannot argue about the real, bigger issue. Sounds like you guys need to have a talk & get to the bottom of this, birthday wishes aside.

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