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Is this the right thing to say?


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I feel like I have to tell my ex gf how I feel. I think we are both still in love with each other but we are both scared to give in to each other. So I think its time for me to step up and say something. It has been like this for a few months. The only problem is she does not live by me any more, but she is moving back in May.

But also she is not the type of girl that will like something so straight forward especially if I am going to do it over the phone. What do you think I should say? Im not sure what to say but at first I was thinking "Do you ever think about wanting it to go back to the way it use to be?" and I was also thinking of just saying "I still have feelings for you" and then just seeing what she says. But also I was thinking "Do you want to start over again"


I am really not sure what to say. Any ideas? Thank you

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I just read several of your previous posts. If you decide to bring up the subject, I would suggest something like, "How are you feeling about us?" If she says she just wants to be friends, say "Ok" and then just drop it. Pushing the issue won't help you here.


Your previous posts seemed to indicate a lot of game playing. Just make sure this isn't another game.

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I think you should tell her exactly how you feel. Don't ask about how she feels about you two, it will come up. Just be honest about you, your life, your relationship, and take the responses that you get. Really accept how she reacts. You cannot control other people's reactions or behaviors, and you shouldn't guess about how receptive she will be to you mode of communication/directness. It will bring you peace of mind. This is about you.


That advice was given to me on this site about a month ago, and it worked like charm. It made me feel better about my situation because I honestly expressed what was going through MY head, it let him know without a doubt how I felt, and it opened the door to us communicating again, and eventually getting back together. Once the door was opened, even if we never talked again, I knew at that point that I said everything I needed to say. Try your best to only use "I", not "you" or "your". It takes the pressure off of the other person. Good luck.

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