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Weight Gain Foods

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Are you working out right now?


GO to GNC and pick up some whey protien. There are alot of brands and alot of other products. Talk to the person there to find out what's best for you. If you're trying to put weight on I suggest. Drinking whole milk with every meal. Lots of chicken/ tuna/ steak/ turkey. Drink a protien shake before and after you lift.


good luck.

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protien builds muscle.

peanut butter, kippers, meats, and nuts will help...

um... juices, stay away from as much high fructose as possible though, simply orange is great, simply apple is great. . .

i use the Syntrax protien powder to suppliment my intake, they have alot of great flavors you can mix with water or milk. mmm.... syntrax....

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