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anxiety attack because of job situation

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i recently had a job interview and afterwards i had a huge anxiety attack. i was really hoping to get a job and really wound up. since then i have felt really uneasy and uncomfortable.....the anxiety has not gone away. i'm so afraid for the future...my future....what's going to happen?


i drained my savings to finish school. but now that i have a degree, i haven't found an employer that will hire me. what has happened to the US?!!


i just need to hear some kind words..some sympathy. i have been trying and will keep trying. but it's really taking a toll on my selfesteem. i feel like a failure because i have a tendency to selfblame. argh!

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hey. dont feel bad. Im based in NZ and we're having the same sort of problem here..it's just the economy it doesnt look really promising. There's been heaps of people being laid off/ redundant and i figured, oh my gosh what are the chances for me to get a job having all these newly laid off but highly experienced people going for all the positions?? just have faith..at the meantime, do what you've always wanted to do...

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Hello blossom,

hang in there. Keep doing what you can. Keep doing what you have to. Remember that you are not alone in this situation. A lot of people are out there looking for jobs. The economy is tight but don't get nervous or depressed. See if you can volunteer somewhere in an area where you would like to get a job. You can form connections that way. Yes, I understand that education is not cheap in this country. But you keep putting in efforts, okay one employer doesnt want you. Can you ask for feedback on your interview? Can you try another employer? Also, I was watching on TV today, the lady said you can email/fax/phone call but also getting out there, seeing people face-to-face will also help you.

Keep praying, keep believing. These days will be over. Economy moves in cycles, some days are up, some days are down. Don't give up. Good luck!

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Anxiety attacks often happen when people overestimate the likelihood that something really bad will happen. It also arises when people do not believe that they have the ability to cope. My suggestion is to really challenge the anxious thoughts that come up and have enough self worth to realise that you can cope with it, you can cope with anything that life throws at you.


Idea: ask yourself if you've coped with difficult situations in the past, and pulled through? Did you display resilience? Were you somehow, even if not the "best" way, able to get through to the other side?


Think of all those times that you have coped, and you'll feel more confident about your future.

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mintblossom, it's no better over here in Terre Haute, Indiana. As a matter of fact, I'm willing to bet that it's one of the worst places in America at the moment.


Like all the others have said, just keep your chin up and try to keep searching. It's a ridiculously desperate market at the moment. Personally, I think we're all teetering on another Depression, but who's to say? It took all the big wigs about 5 to 6 years to admit that we're in a recession...


Just keep fighting the future.

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