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Hi. I have posted mostly in the Relationships Forum but my Career is my first priority right now. So I hope you guys can help me out by letting me know whatever comes to your mind pertaining to my career choices. I asked my friends but they don't really have a good idea since..we're all figuring stuff out...I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design but don't enjoy working as one. Have thought about teaching the stuff I'm good at. (read somesone's thread about teaching and want to keep my options open).So any ideas? Really, just name job positions...


I know this is a strange thread to be asking this but I thought maybe someone might say something that might give me a spark. I've been battling this career trouble for a year now...and have given it endless thoughts so please understand. Thank you..



I'm good at:


Visual Arts - Sketching/Drawing/Painting

Music - Piano Level 9 but rusty on Theory/History


Repetitive Tasks

Work better on my own

concentrating on one thing at a time and making it great.


Meeting Deadlines (only missed 2 deadlines in my 4 years at university..so I guess it counts for something)

Being generous

Quick thinking




I'm bad at:




Technical Logistics

Taking Risks

Being a Leader


Being extroverted

Being social



I've taken those online personality and career quizzes but they don't really help since my results hasn't changed since middle school.

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Only a year? I've been battling career troubles since high school which was 7 years ago.

It's funny you post this thread, I just finished talking to a friend about what I wanna do, i'm so indecisive about it. I wanted to do to health care, not a doctor but physiotherapy, or personal trainer.

But i've always wanted to be in the film industry, mostly directing, not sure about acting.

Even marine biology, I love sharks. These are things I really wanna do, problem with finding a career path, is you have two things to take into concideration, one is the obvious, are you passionate about it, and the second is, how difficult will it be to get a job in that field. Depending on where your from, certain jobs don't come easy.

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If you're not good at multi-tasking or being a leader, I would have to say teaching isn't for you. Those are two of the biggest components of teaching. You don't have to be an extrovert, but it sure helps you get along with kids, fellow teachers, and more importantly, the principal! Have you thought about becoming an attorney? Your strengths play up strongly with what a good attorney posseses, especially the quick thinking.

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