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I dont know if I can say I want some advice...I already know I need to let it go... I just need to vent moreso and I am so open to any comments anyone has.


So here is my story... I have been having a crazy off and on relationship with this guy for nearly 3 years now. In the beginning..I didnt want to go out with him because he was 5 years younger and I didnt like him for alot of superficial reasons and on top of that... we are two different religions....but we did end up going out...and then we had like this crazy whirlwind romance... but the relationship was far from perfect...he would call me stupid, immature, say I couldnt hold a conversation in one breath and then tell me how great and beautiful , and how he wanted to marry me in the next... I broke it off, but I was still in love... we ended up over the years getting back together and breaking it off and getting back together again... He would say hes too young for a committment and that we dont communicate well, I would say my parents wont accept him because he is the same religion, but we always figured we could make it work in a few years... And he showed me some of the most immense, intense love ever, but like 2 months ago he said he loves me but he cant do this anymore and we broke it off again...I also found out that he was diagnosed as bipolar... And then he recently asked to be my friend on facebook... I asked him for closure as I never really got that...and he said he is no longer in love with me... I am finding this hard to believe... he told me this once 2 years ago...only to take those words back and tell me he loves me again... but I feel he may mean it this time...and hear I am still pining for him tremendously...and I dont really know what to do.. And now he has some new girl in his life


I know I should cut my ties and get over it...but its so easier said than done... just wanted to get that off my chest and hear anyone else's thoughts...



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