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Well, i caved.................

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I almost did it and a part of me regrets that I didn't. I made the trek from Australia to London in 2004 for a reconnaissance mission and loved it, but got embroiled back in the relationship BS when I got home and did not pursue it.


I have to admit that if I had gone I might not have met my husband, which I would never want, but I do regret not having had that time in such an interesting place, doing the stranger in a strange land thing on my own and starting again without the issues I had had back home of bumping into the ex and feeling like the world was too small.

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Hi Ryan,


I was married for 13 yrs and it sucks when it ends. It takes forever to not miss them. Go to the UK. Do it for you. Run away. Anything to see life through different eyes. I emigrated to Oz from the UK and I always remember thinking - 'it's only a day away' if I ever wanted to go back.


I started seeing a hottie shortly afterwards too! Messed me up even worse than the marriage, so if I'm a guide, don't bother.


And, I saw my ex wife yesterday at a funeral (hadn't spoken for 8 years) - didn't feel a thing. It was like seeing someone at school reunion who insists they know you, but you don't have a clue who they are but you do recognise them.


8 years. It'll fly by!! Hang in there mate. It does get better.

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Geez,.............. you CAN relate to my story. And me to yours (just had a look through your posts).


I've tried the whole 'Getting over' her thing. The therapy - the other women - the 'Me' time...............blah blah blah.


It hasn't worked.


And i've tried the whole 'Chasing her with romantic crap to win her back' trick too.............. as above, it has failed.


But as much as i know NC is good (For me), i also know that i AM the type of guy who will throw all cards on the table. I might as well.


The thing is now, i don't know what to do. I'd LIKE to call her to say hi.......... but there are many 'pro's & con's' surrounding that.


I feel for ya mate. I really do.

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