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Hello Everybody I just need to rant and let some stuff out about my current situation


Well I got laid off yesterday..total and complete bummer, Im so broke I have no money in my accounts and my bills are ridiculous. My moms in jail and life sucks right now. Mostly all my bills are my fault because im driving a mercedes i cant afford..I got it with the knowledge that id continue to have a job and be working decent hours for all the foreseeable future..i know so many people are going through this but when all of a sudden you lose your job and all the stress about money comes its so hard.


I live rent free with my boyfriend and his family so I'll always have a place to live and thats good. Im just worried that if I dont find a job I wont be able to make my payments and It'll ruin my credit and my boyfriends moms credit (my cosigner)


being an adult is hard!!!

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