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unwanted pity


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Yesterday i was driving around and i saw my ex girlfriend with her ex best friend, but they are now friends again, i guess. Anyways, once i got home i checked my cellphone and i had a missed call from her, so i called her back, and she was like " i know youve been skipping school, are you okay, are you even gonna graduate because you skip school so much, do i need to help you" but she didn't say it in a sympathetic voice, but a really rude and just really mean voice, like she was trying to be better that me. Anyways, after that i told her that i have not been skipping school at all. i dont even know why she thinks ive been skipping because i have'nt. And her friend was saying that i did, i wish everyone would just stay out of my business, i dont even know why they say i skipped school, i didn't even do it.

So i did what ENOTALONE has told me to do all along and i told her to stop calling me. She responded by calling me an F ing A hole. And the only other person to call me that was her ex best friend, she seems to be rubbing off on her again. But seriously, i'm a nice guy. all of my good friends think im really sweet and nice. I dont deserve any of this. I feel like the girl who used to love me hates me now. Its not fair. I'm in a very low spot right now, any words of wisdom?

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i had a similar situation, my ex and her best friend weren't friends when we wewre dating then i went away for 3 weeks and i come back and her and her ex best friend are friends again, after that everything seemed to change and her friend was getting jealous of how much time we were spending together and she started to become like her friend again, eventually the relationship ended and now im greatful., just ignore her and act like she doesn't exist, that will really get to her

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