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why wont he return my house keys?? after he moved out.

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my ex and I use to live together. we have separated now for 4months and I have asked him to return the house keys and he still hasnt. he has picked up all his belongings. 'Left some' as well.


If he didnt have the keys wouldnt he just say he didnt have them

or does he still have them and keeping them just in case?


see my thoughts are he's keeping them just in case something happeneds in the future? or should i give up thinking that we would get back together. I believe he still has feelings for me.


Is this a sign that it is only a break??


Should I let go completely?


Im going through the confuse stage.. i have no idea anymore this break up seems to be lingering on.

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i have asked him several times. he wont reply?.

I have mentioned it to him i said give me my keys back and stay out of my life, as he keeps coming back via txt. He will txt me about something but he wont reply about the keys situation.


I have since NC him. 2 weeks. but im still wondering? does he have them or not.

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Even if he returns the key you never know if he made copies. He's doing it for control and to keep you "on the hook" so to speak.


You're talking what, 3 or 4 knobs, less than $30 at your local home improvement store.


Tell him the locks are changed and he can take the keys and put them where the sun rarely, if ever shines.


i agree - changing locks is cheap and easy. just do it!

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