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Arguing with a friend.


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So my one friend is pretty nuts.


Last year, she wanted a bunch of us to go to this shore house with her. I ended up not going because we had gone the year before...and my boyfriend was with us. That was the best summer of my life (two years ago).


But my boyfriend and I broke up. So the next summer, I knew I wasn't going to be able to handle it.... especially with all the drinking that would be going on. Too many memories. So i backed out.


Anyway, my friend ended up saying some rather nasty things about me. Like...horrible things. I was so livid....I didn't talk to her for months. Months. We finally patched things up, and are on good terms again.


Anyway, she just started AGAIN! She wants to go down to the Jersey Shore in July and wants me to tell her be the end of January if I want to go. I would be ok with going, because its a different house this time and I'm more over the past relationship than i originally was. Plus its going to be for her 21st birthday, which is important. I should be there.


But I hate when she does things like this. she says things like "If i don't go it will ruin her entire vacation"


But i can't promise anything yet! I might take summer classes and things like that. I just hate when she puts this kind of pressure on me and I don't know what to tell her. I kinda want to say i'm not going, but I know it would just be out of spite. But i really might not be able to go. I dont know! AH!

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this person doesn't sound like a friend. sorry.....


i had friends like her when i was in college. they really hurt my feelings. as i grew older, i realized i didn't need "friends" like this anymore.


a true friend would accept your reasons for being unable to promise anything right now.


good luck!

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