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over 2 months, with mostly downs RC?


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My ex-girlfriend dumped me just before Halloween, for two weeks we hung out as friends, with some pressure from me but i then poured my heart out and things have not been so good, all attempts to contact her have been received badly, but she has contacted me a few times with good and bad things. this week there has been some awkward msg's to me and seeing her once but she ignored me, i am ready to RC since i have been in NC for over a month minus a letter to her which may be why she is awkward to me but, she seems to say she has moved on and finally has things falling into place. Some ebooks said the letter was a good idea but it didn't go so well. Like anything there is a no quick fix she said in a msg she wants to be friends but that encounter says otherwise... To slowly build up a relationship again should i start with a facebook msg how are you doing or something light like that, direct means were bad. to counter slow slow build up of contact seem like a good idea, hopefully it will excalite into meetings dates phone calls what not but right now, has their been any luck with slow build ups as friends first with anyone?

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Looks like she is trying to pull away cause all she really wants is friendship and she realized that she cannot get it from you.

You have a good plan with starting over very slowly - that seems to be the only thing to do at the moment, but you have to be aware and prepared for the fact that she may be moving on at this time.

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Ok staying with NC is easiest but won't get me anywhere right now... not contacting her may be letting her move on, and my past minimal contact pushing her away a bit. hmm


Hi how are you doing?


How are your classes so far?


How was your break?


I love you--bad idea haha


Hi how have you been? its been awhile would you like to go to coffee on Wensday at 11?


Hi how are you doing? i found this link i thought you would enjoy it/

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