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Strange ideas

The Last Sam

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Whenever I masturbate I somehow end up thinking about my grandparents and it's starting to really freak me out. I don't think of them in a sexual way, I just think about all the fantastic memories I've had with them but I always seem to get off over it. I don't know why. I don't look at them in a sexual way, but it automatically pops into mind when I'm horny.


It's crazy. Can somebody help me?

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Not tryin' to be a jerk but that is hysterical in weird way.

Now on a more serious note it may just be that they come to your mind because of the feelings of enjoyment you have had with them.

You feel arousal when you masturbate which may be similar to the state of euphoria and elation that you have had around your grandparents momentarily triggering those memories.


Thats all I can think of...sorry if I offended you by saying that it was funny.

I think you'll be fine....

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Sometimes I think of things at times when I shouldn't be thinking of them, simply because I shouldn't be thinking of them. Make sense? For me this means my mind drifting to sex when I'm in a church sermon.


You know it would be weird to think of the wrong thing at that moment, so you do. Maybe.

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I know that sometimes my mind wanders too. It has nothing to do with sexual thoughts for whoever you are thinking of. I think your mind just gets bored almost with what your body is doing and its not the kind of stimulation your brain wants...I don't know...that's my theory.


I find myself thinking of homework sometimes, or co-workers, but I would never associate them with the action

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