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Job Searching = Depressing and Frustrating (Vent)

Double J

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Hey guys,


I really need to vent. In late October, I got laid off from my job. To be honest, the job didn't pay all that well, and the company was still trying to get health insurance (it was a European company that had opened its US office in late 2007). Still, I enjoyed the work, and I was hopeful I could eventually get promoted. Thing is, about 2 months into the job, I began to realize that the company was shaky in many ways (IT problems, no insurance, didn't want to spend on almost anything). Others in the company echoed my sentiments, which is why people began searching for jobs earlier than anticipated.


Once I realized it was a dead-end job, I myself started preparing my resume, gathering work samples, etc. Alas, our feelings weren't unfounded. In late October, they ended up laying off people in my office, myself included, and in Europe--the result of the worldwide financial crisis coupled with financial mismanagement on the part of top-level executives, who got a lot of flack for going on a hiring blitz in the midst of a recession.


Again, I enjoyed the work, as it related to my field of study. But I felt the company didn't provide me with what I truly wanted in an employer -- job security, insurance, a higher salary, and the like. The economy, however, was starting to deteriorate at the time of the offer, so either I accepted the offer or had to subject myself to 2-3 more months of agonizing job searching.


Five to six months prior to the offer, I got other offers that provided more attractive compensation packages, but imposed other things that ultimately made me turn them down. (I graduated from college in late 2007.) Long story short, my sister's b/f worked at one of the companies, so I steered clear so as to avoid any family drama. At another, the company decided to tell me that the job required extensive travel just as I was about to sign the offer. I had another offer from a company my sister worked at, and she told me to avoid it because of high turnover/a toxic work environment (Indeed, I've seen the position reposted 2-3 times ever since.) I turned down another offer for the same reasons (people online saying it was an awful place to work, ridiculous hours, micro-management, etc.)


The best offer was from a non-profit organization. Originally they offered the position to someone else, but once he turned it down, it was offered to me. The position offered an excellent salary and full benefits, but I ended up quitting the job 4 days after I was hired. Why? Because the job didn't turn out to be what I expected. It wasn't in my field of study, and I was bored to tears. It was also in an unusual environment (all women except me). I worked my butt off to get the job, and I ended up quitting it solely because it wasn't in the field I studied. I think my reasons for turning down the other jobs were warranted, but maybe here's where I messed up. You might be asking, "If you didn't like the work in the first place, why'd you even bother applying?" Well, because of the salary. That was it.


The offer from the toxic/micro-managing place and the one from the place that laid me off came after I quit the non-profit profit job. It was a very tough time for me. I thought after leaving the non-profit I'd find something in my field I'd enjoy more. I got interviews for jobs, but nothing seemed to pan out. Like I said, the company whose offer I ended up accepting in May involved work I enjoyed in my field, but the compensation and benefits were crap compared to the non-profit.


I learned a painful lesson. Sometimes you have to accept a job to get income -- even if it isn't the most glamorous job out there/isn't in your field. I'm lucky enough to be getting support from one of my parents right now, but I don't want to have to rely on anyone.


My entry level job search has been a nightmare. Graduated college, was super picky while looking for that "ideal" job, and the one I pick (turned down 5 offers in the 6 month period after graduating) ends up laying me off. Now I'm back to square one. I wish I had a magic ball that would have told me how things would turn out. Otherwise, I would have made different decisions and accepted other offers.


Since resuming my search after the layoff, I've had high hopes for two positions -- but this week I learned that one of the jobs has been put on hold indefinitely. I made it to round two for the other, but so did 4-5 other candidates who are vying for the job.


When does this end?

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its just the start of it...


the dec unemployment rep came out tom at 8.30am. and were gonna see job losses of 500-800k. for the month..


we need 100k jobs a month just to break even.. with new workers entering..


just keep searching, and try to update resume try to have an edge...


or if you can go back to school for more education, perfect time during bad times.. and by the time youre done economy will turn..


economy is gonna be bad for 1-2yrs... this is just the start...

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I hear you. I went from 6 figures to $1000 a month in the blink of an eye which is how I found this site a few days ago. I'm at the point of going back to school to do something in health care. Seems like the only guarantee in this world is the population will increase and people will get old and sick.

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my sentiments exactly! try living in a small town! i'v been laid off from the best job in town because the mine laid people off! now, I'm without work and NO ONE is hiring!


i even put my resume in to a couple of the fast food chains, but they said i was "over qualified" and i would be "bored" thereforee tempted to leave! ???? what????? i need a job! i'll stay anywhere at this point!

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I have been looking for a job actively since June 2008, have gone on about 7 interviews, yes seriously! Not even one offer, some I came close to, others I am too expensive, others I don't like them.... all the reasons you could think of, I have been there and done that....


Before 2008, I had no problem finding jobs, I do well in interviews, have experience etc etc...


Guys, it's very very tough out there... I am tired, but still going....

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I am in accounting. I went on monster knowing that almost all the jobs on there are posted by recruiters. I didn't search the jobs but the recruiters I was aware of and applied for those jobs. Next thing I know I get a call about an hour after I hit submit.


WOLF - in the us recruiters get paid by the employer generally 10% of your starting salary. Which works out even better for you because they fight to get you a better offer so they get more mulla.

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i have been looking for full time work since JUNE! its terrible, it feels like the educated are getting the crapper. im educated, up beat, and have job experience and still can't find a thing.


i as well do the follow up, the thank you letters, the follow up calls.... when does it end!!!! i have no idea!


i always hear people saying they should go back to school, but how is this possible if you are already broke to begin with? take out more loans? and be in the same situation in a few years?


recession SUCKS!

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Problem is it is just going to spiral. As more people lose jobs that causes others too lose jobs too. I'd say until you start to see the number of jobs created increase (as in gain not loss) you can assume there are going to be big job losses in the next month.


I'd say forget about dreams and focus on a high income. Bet that waitering or security guard. Still look for job in your field, but income is m0st impotyant.

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