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how do i do this?

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mk, so im not sure.. i posted something about whats going on with me and my ex that i am still deeply in love with. and i dunno how i can make myself stop talking to him to give him some time to miss me and think about how much he really does wanna be with me. ive tried but i always give in and text him or text him back. what can i do to avoid this?



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You just have to think about the obvious.


If you continue to not give it space and time... there is no chance for any type of healing to take place. There is no time for him to miss you or for you to realize if you really love him, or love the idea of him.


The best thing to do is to see if you have a close guy or girl friend that is willing to help you out.


Whenever I know I need to take time and go NC, I will call upon one of my close female friends. I will tell this friend my situation and ask them to try their best to be there for me. I tell them "ok I am going to go NC with _____, I really need your help so ANYTIME I get the urge to call or text her, I am going to stop myself and just call you ok?"


They are always really good about it. I will call them and they will tell me how stupid I am for wanting to call my ex lol. They make me laugh and get over the urge to call or text. Many times they will invite me out and tell me to leave my phone at home (that helps a lot).


There are many things you can do and if you do not have a close friend that can do that for you, you can always come on here and talk to us. We will tell you how stupid it would be to contact him. I will do my best to make you laugh as well


Hang in there and just make sure you stop all contact starting right MEOW!!!!



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