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Extreme gift returning

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After reading the few posts about returning stuff from your ex I ran accross this that make me chuckle:




A New York doctor who gave his wife a kidney is suing her for $1.5 million — or the return of the vital organ — after he says she cheated on him with a physical therapist.

Richard Batista, 49, is demanding the sum in the middle of a messy divorce with his now-estranged wife, who suffered kidney ailments for years before the transplant.

The Long Island surgeon said he gave the gift of life to his wife in 2001, but things turned sour just two years later while she was recovering from a karate injury, the New York Post reported.

His wife, 44-year-old Dawnell Batista, had an affair with her physical therapist in 2003, he said. She recovered from the knee injury, but he says her low blow has him all out of joint.

"I saved her life and then to be betrayed like this is unfathomable. It's incomprehensible," he told the Post. "She engaged in an extramarital affair and refused to go to marital counseling and reconciliation."

Two years after the affair began she filed for divorce, and Batista accuses her of trying to limit his access to their three children, ages 8, 11 and 14.

"She slapped me with divorce papers in the operating room while I was trying to save another patient's life," he told the Post.


Divorce attorney Dominic Barbara said this case was a first, and that he arranged for a medical expert to determine his client's kidney's worth.

"This has never been done before in the state of New York," Barbara said.


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This is my favorite line: " or the return of the vital organ " lol

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What she did was crappy & being hurt is understandable but his request is just ridiculous. She has a low moral character but she does not literally owe him her life.


Once a gift is given, it is the possession of the recipient to do with as he/she wishes. That goes for vital organs, too.


I'm sure he's just stirring things up in the most effective way he could thnk of as a method of expressing his hurt... creating a problem for her like she has for him.

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My ex's brother went crazy about his ex girlfriend's boobs (he paid for her boob job) after they split. He felt he owned them. lol


Just reminded me of it.


I wonder how exactly he felt he could keep them since they were attached to her.. or he wanted her to get them removed so he could keep them with himself? eww

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I wonder how exactly he felt he could keep them since they were attached to her.. or he wanted her to get them removed so he could keep them with himself? eww


Something like that. He told her no other guy could touch them because they were "his."


He has more than a few screws loose.

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Funny i just watched a House episdoe last night that this reminded me of. It was a lesbian couple, one was in the hospital dying of a failing kydney (I THINK that was the organ in question) The sick one shared with the doctors that she had planned on leaving her partner...apparently the partner didn't know this and then makes the selfless decision to give one of her kidneys to save her life...


Of course House being the deviant he is didn't share this about the partner wanting to leave her until after this is done, so while she is recovering from the operation he tells her, or maybe his colleague told her, i forget, about her partner's declarations and she said with a menacing evil grin "she can't leave me now, she wouldn't dare, she owes me her life"...apparently she knew about the leaving and did this to try to get her to stay...


Ouch !! it was one of those things that sent goose bumps up my arms...shows some people will do crazy ass things! i know it was only a tv show, but still, people can be devious!

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